Coach Bus Rentals

Coach Bus is a large tour bus with the capacity to transport 50 passengers or more. A Coach bus is also often called A Motorcoach. A coach bus can be chartered or hired for transportation of a group within a city or for a long out of town trip. Coach Bus is a comfortable form of transportation that can be a trip filled with fun.

Local Tour in Coach Bus

You can charter a coach bus for a city tour or for a local sightseeing tour. Bring your friends and family and have fun and enjoy each others company. While you are on the bus, you can watch a movie, play games and have all kinds of activities. If you are part of an organization, let Prompt Charter take your staff out of the stressful work environment and give your employees the morale boost and have them charge up.


Do a Real Estate Tour In a Coach Bus

Realtors and developers can bring investors for a tour of the new development or for a future development. A real estate tour in a bus is an effective way to market a real estate product the investors. While you have the potential investors in the bus listening attentively, you can make your sales pitch and show your business promotions.


School Field Trips In A Coach Bus

Take your students to the next field trip on a coach bus and let the kids have an amazing experience. In the luxury and comfort of the coach bus, the teacher can narrate stories, teach about the place they are going and have an interactive experience. A Coach Bus can be a mobile classroom for your students.


Coach Bus For A Church Retreat

Hop on a coach bus and go to your next church retreat. In the bus, you can sing songs, worship and have the pastor give a sermon. Traveling on a bus with your church family will be a wonderful experience.


Start The Bus charter process by following the steps below.

You can book the bus either by calling us at toll-free at 877 277 6678 or you can book the bus online.

Decide the type of coach bus you want to hire.

Refer our Charter Bus Rental Guide before you book the bus.