Disinfected Charter Buses for Charters & Tours


Disinfected Coach


Prompt Charters & Tours, the largest charter bus rental company in North America will offer disinfected buses for charters and tours throughout North America & Europe. This is in light of the fact that many scheduled chartered trips are being canceled throughout the continent because of the fear of coronavirus. Due to the spread of coronavirus, many business, trade and sports events are being canceled especially in the United States. Prompt Charters is pleased to offer total disinfected buses for tours. 

Large scale events and sports events are being called off due to the misgivings about coronavirus. Since many events are canceled, most of the bus charters to these events are also canceled. 

Starting March 8, Prompt Charters will be able to offer this service to all organizations through North America. Charter buses, tour buses, coach buses, and mini buses can be booked online at promptcharters.com or by calling our toll free number 877 277 6678. Our goal is to provide outstanding services in a safe and clean environment so people can charter a bus, travel by bus confidently without getting worried about virus infections. Buses will be sprayed and disinfected with a hydroperoxide chemical, or isopropyl, which is an alcohol-type chemical. If you have an event coming up and you are worried about chartering a bus, let us take the fear out of you.  Please call 877 277 6678 to book your buses. Prompt Charter Offer charter bus rental, minibus rental, party bus rental, tour bus rental and Sprinter Van rental throughout North America.