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Entertainer Coach


Prompt Charters & Tours is a leading provider of Entertainment Coach Buses. Entertainer Coach is a customized bus and it is a very popular type of bus among musicians, entertainers, sportspeople. These luxurious buses come with lounge, sleeping quarters, onboard bar, cafe and many more. Equipped with the latest technological advancements, these buses ideal fro political campaigns too. In fact, the presidential campaign on a bus is a very popular and effective form of campaign that is actively used by major presidential candidates.

Entertainer Coaches are available for long term for music tours and campaigns. Custom bus wraps are available for campaigns and concerts. All buses come with trained professional chauffeurs who can work with you. Additional insurance are available for high net worth individuals and organizations. Please call us today at 877 277 6678 or email us sales@promptcharters and we are ready to help you. ADA compliant buses are available on request