Corporate Bus Charter Tips



Corporate event planning and bus charters and can be a little burdensome for many corporate travel planners. Of the many things on the checklist getting a reputable and professional charter bus company is the most important part of this planning. Therefore it is important to have a checklist when it comes to corporate and business bus trips and charters.



Finalize The Number Of Attendees

When you plan a corporate bus charter, the most important factor is to identify the number of people who need transportation. Once you finalize the total numbers you can figure out what type of buses you will need. If it is a small group up to 32 people, we do have mini buses that seat 23 people to 35 people.

Decide On Your Budget

Secondly, you need to look at the budget allocation and come up with a practical number when it comes to expenses. If you are having a regular sales conference, charter buses or coach buses are fine. If it is for team building, little more open, casual school buses, trolley and double-decker buses can be used.

Book Charter Bus Early

Once you decide on the number of people the next step is to book and secure the needed buses as soon as possible. During the busy seasons especially during summer often we are overwhelmed with so many corporate bus charter requests. Therefore once you have the details of the trip on hand, secure the buses immediately. Prompt Charters normally do not require a deposit. But Prompt Charters has the capability and the resources to last-minute requests.

Find A Professional Charter Bus Company

Naturally, the next step is to get a reputable, professional charter bus or coach bus company. You want to make sure the bus company has the capability to meet your charter bus needs. Make sure to send a detailed itinerary to for the company to plan and execute it. Prompt Charters specialize in corporate and business bus charters throughout the United States and Canada. Ask us for a conference call with our sales team if you need to have a well-coordinated event. If it is a large event, we can put together a team of sales, dispatch, logistics team to manage the events.

Get Buses With Wraps To Promote Your Product And Company.

If you are launching a new product or promoting an existing product, make sure to maximize your benefits to the dollars spent by having the bus wrap with your information and logo and other relevant information. Bus wrap is a great way to market your products and your company.

Have The Signs Ready

You can provide us with signs, banners or any other materials that you want to use in your event. Customized signs with logos can be used for pick-ups and drop-offs. If you want us to make the signals and other marketing materials, make sure to send us the graphics once the trip is confirmed.

Stay Back and Relax

Once the trip is confirmed and secured, let Prompt Charters take the burden of handling your corporate bus trips and needs. We will install people and teams in place to make sure there is no delay or flaws in the transportation provided by us. If you have any last-minute requests, do not forget to relay it to us.